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Our agency has been known for years for the preferred and super-preferred rate plans offered by our insurers. However, even if your driving record is less than perfect, we have insurers who will gladly compete for your business.


For owners of Classic or Antique Autos, we have various options depending on the age and value of the vehicle, whether it has modifications, and how much it is driven. We write for many of the insurers specializing in Classic Cars; besides low rates, they often offer coverage on your vehicle at a Guaranteed Value.


An auto insurance policy consists of the following coverage sections:

Bodily Injury Liability protects you against legal liability for bodily injury or death to others arising from the ownership, maintenance, or the use of the insured vehicle. The insured driver can be liable for injury to occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, and passengers in the same vehicle. We pay any judgment against the insured plus any defense costs.


Property Damage Liability protects you against legal liability for damage to property of others — other vehicles or objects struck by the insured vehicle. We owe for both the direct damage as well as the other party’s car rental, if one is needed.


First Party Benefits are unique to Pennsylvania; sometimes, referred to as "no-fault" benefits, and are composed of:

- Medical Expenses pays for injuries you suffer in an accident regardless of fault. The amounts paid under this coverage cannot be collected from the wrongdoer. For the limit selected, this coverage is primary to any health insurance you may carry.

- Income Loss pays your lost wages resulting from an auto accident, again regardless of fault. It pays 80% of your wage, after a 5-day waiting period, up to the limits selected.

- Funeral Expenses Benefit pays your funeral expenses following an auto-related death.

- Accidental Death Benefit pays for an auto-related death (in addition to Funeral Expenses).


Uninsured Motorists protects you for what you would be entitled to collect for injuries suffered in an accident, but cannot because of the wrongdoer's lack of insurance. This only applies to injuries; property damage would have to be collected under Collision (if purchased).

Pennsylvania allows choice of Stacked limits (meaning they may be multiplied by number of autos on policy) or Unstacked limits (meaning the limits stated apply regardless of the number of autos).


Underinsured Motorists is the same as Uninsured Motorists except it applies where the at-fault party does have insurance but his liability limits are too low to fully reimburse you for your injuries. Underinsured Motorists’ claims are not uncommon, and some of the largest losses paid out of our office have involved this coverage. The stacking option also applies to Underinsured Motorists.


Comprehensive pays to repair your covered auto, after the deductible, for an accident involving damage other than a collision: For example, fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, hail. A collision with a deer or other animal is considered Comprehensive.


Collision pays to repair your covered auto, after the deductible, for an accident involving a collision, i.e., a striking between the auto and another object. A hit-and-run accident is a collision.


Road Service pays expenses for towing or road service in lieu of towing. Most other insurers (including AAA) put a dollar limit on towing, while Erie pays “reasonable expenses.”


Rental Reimbursement: If, after a Collision or Comprehensive loss, a rental car is needed, this coverage will pay for the cost of the rental up to the stated limit for as long as the vehicle is undrivable or in the repair shop.


Tort Option: In Pennsylvania, one has the option of retaining the right to collect for injuries suffered in an accident (Full Tort) or giving up much of this right (Limited Tort) in exchange for a reduced premium. Under Limited Tort, you can still collect out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages; what is restricted is the right of you and your family to collect for pain and suffering and other non-monetary damages the law allows under the Full Tort option. You may still collect for pain and suffering if your injury is deemed “serious,” which the law defines as death or permanent and disabling or disfiguring. (A broken leg that heals fine is usually disabling but not permanent. Back pain that lingers indefinitely would not be deemed “serious” if it doesn’t prevent you from working). There are also a few other exceptions where you would retain the right to collect pain and suffering, even after having elected Limited Tort: If you are occupying a commercial vehicle, or if the wrongdoer is uninsured, from out of state, or convicted of DUI.

In Ohio, there is no tort option; everyone has the equivalent of Full Tort.


Note: A vehicle carrying Comprehensive and Collision is commonly said to have “full coverage;" autos without those coverages are said to have “liability only.”

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